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Our Wine Club & Tasting Room Manager Has Worked On Wine Appellations

Wine Club & Tasting Room Manager

About the other Matt...

Texas-sized Matt McCollough, came to California from Houston Texas in 2005 in pursuit of his passion for wine. He came to Three Wine Company in late 2014 after moving to Lodi to support his wife's career. Matt has worked in many of the major wine appellations in Northern California enhancing his palette and wine knowledge. His expertise is in the area of hospitality and he has worked in tasting rooms for 10 years. He enjoys working in the industry meeting all the new faces from around the world and sharing his love for wine. In his free time Matt loves to play with his puppies and the frequent round of golf.


To learn more about Matt M or The DIRT wine club email him at or (916) 744-1300.

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